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New Premium E-Juice Brands at Vapour Days

Vapour Days are now stocking the following delicious and mouth-watering e-liquid brands to increase the variety of flavours for you to choose from.

SWOKE E-Liquid

SWOKE are a French manufacturer of e-liquids giving you the following special choice of flavours. The PG : VG ratio is 50% : 50% so the SWOKE flavours are not just for dripper and sub ohm devices but will work with other tanks as well. SWOKE e-liquids come in a 20ml bottle size.

SWOKE Vinyl – this fruity mixture consists of pineapple, blackcurrant, apple and other fruits.

SWOKE Bisou – this e-liquid is a mixture of berries, blackcurrant and green mint.

SWOKE Bikini – coconut, passionfruit, mango and other fruits make this a delicious mixture of e-liquid.

SWOKE Smiley – french melon, lime and fresh mint e-juice.

Cosmic Fog’s Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid

Cosmic Fog’s Lost Fog Collection are a premium e-juice designed to take your breath away when you taste them. The Lost Fog Collection e-juices come in a 50% VG : 50% PG mix, which also means they are suited to all tanks not just sub tanks and drippers. The Lost Fog Collection are 30ml bottle sizes to ensure they last you as long as possible when you want to vape them all day long!

Lost Fog Neon Cream – blends cream, rainbow sherbet, orange, raspberry and lemon lime.

Lost Fog Streek – mountain Gaviota strawberries with soft creamy Greek yoghurt.

Lost Fog Baie Creme – is a whipped honey cream and sweet passion fruit with tart exotic berries mixture.

One Hit Wonder E-Juice

One Hit Wonder specialise in sweet tasting flavours to satisfy your calorie cravings of the day, without adding an inch to the waistline. These are high VG e-liquids, with 80% VG : 20% PG so are only suitable for sub tanks, drippers, or vaping equipment enabling high VG juices. One Hit Wonder come in a 20ml bottle size.

The Muffin Man– apple and cinnamon muffin flavour.

The Rocket Man– e-juice is a yoghurt, blueberry and granola tasting flavour.

DRPN Donuts Flavours

USA manufactured DRPN Donuts are the ultimate doughnut flavour for sweet tooth fans. With DRPN Donut’s 60% VG : 40% PG ratio, it is suited to all atomisers and not just sub tanks and drippers. The 30ml bottle size also ensures it will last you longer.

DRPN Donuts BearClaw – sweet dessert and fruit flavour with a light cinnamon touch.

DRPN Donuts Blueberry Glaze – doughnuts mixed with blueberries, making a popular combination.

DRPN Donuts Strawberry – doughnuts mixed with strawberries for a winning doughnut flavour.

Where Can I Buy These Flavours?

Free trial in the Bristol store.

Buy online for UK delivery. All orders are dispatched on the same or next working day.

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