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Mix Your Own E-Liquid Flavours

Fruit E-Liquid Mix Fruit Juice

Mix Your Own E-Liquid Flavours

Vapour Days love electronic cigarettes and the variety of e-liquid flavours so much that some suggested mixes of e-liquid flavours are outlined below. Can you guess which e-liquids combined would make these delicious flavours? What mixes do you recommend? Let us know so we can share your love of e-liquids with others too. Simply mix your desired amount of each e-liquid flavour to see what new flavours you can create.

Toffee Apple Flavour – mix toffee and apple together

Ice Cream Mix Flavour – mix vanilla, milk chocolate and strawberry e-liquid flavours

Cherry Coke Flavour – mix cherry and red cola e-liquids

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Flavour  – mix ice mint, milk chocolate and ice cream flavours

Chocolate Orange Flavour – mix milk chocolate and orange

White Chocolate Raspberry Flavour – mix white chocolate and raspberry e-liquids

Chocolate Caramel Flavour – mix milk chocolate and caramel e-liquids

Strawberry & Vanilla Flavour

Orange & Mango Flavour

Whisky Sour Flavour – mix whisky with a part of lemon e-liquids


Enjoy Your Own Personal Flavours

Experiment with the above, mixing to your own preferred taste. Share your own unique mixes with Vapour Days here…


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