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Wraith Squonker 80W Kit – Review

Review of Wraith Squonker 80W Kit

The all-in-one Wraith Squonker Kit combines an 80W TC mod that can hold 5 mL of e-liquid with a bottom-fed RDA. It’s an excellent introduction to squonking, and even people who have never used squonkers before can have it up and running within minutes! As one of the rare squonk mods with temperature control, it excels at producing delicious, flavourful vapour.

The Wraith Squonker 80W Kit is reviewed below, being a kit with the benefits of a dripper but without the inconvenience of constantly having to drip. Thesquonker holds a bottle of juice to feed your delicious vape, so all you have to do is squeeze!

What Are the Key Benefits of the Wraith Squonker 80W Kit?

  • The Wraith Squonker is stylish with its carbon fiber and rubber style finish.
  • Massive 5ml capacity to reduce the amount of time refilling. Saves time for drippers wanting the best flavour and cloud.
  • 80 watts enabling a higher cloud vape.
  • Memory modes to save your favourite settings.

Why the Wraith Squonker 80W Kit?

  • Vapers wanting the benefits of the flavour and cloud produced by a dripper but without the inconvenience of constantly dripping.
  • Those who use nickel or titanium coils as these are compatible with the Wraith.
  • Vapers used to sub ohm but wanting a tastier and bigger vape experience.

What are the Wraith Squonker 80W Kit’s Special Features?

  • Temperature control – As one of the few squonkers with temperature control, it can be adjusted from 200 F to 600 F, with a maximum wattage of 50W.
  • Versatile wire materials – It works with wires made of nickel, titanium, and stainless steel.
  • Memory slots and preheat functions – There are three memory slots that you can switch through with the click of a button, along with preheat functions labelled as soft, standard, and powerful.
  • Safety – With built-in protections such as overheat detection and low resistance warning, the Wraith Squonker can handle advanced functions while remaining safe and reliable.

What’s in the Wraith Squonker 80W Kit?

  • Wraith Squonker RDA Atomiser
  • Wraith 80W Squonker Mod
  • 2 squonk bottles
  • 2 spare deck screws
  • 4 spare o’rings
  • Blue screwdriver
  • User manual

Parts of the Wraith Squonker 80W Kit

Wraith Squonker Mod

The Council of Vape is known for producing mods with superb quality of build, and their Wraith Squonker is no exception. Made out of zinc alloy, the tank is available in two colour schemes: classic black all throughout, or a tasteful combination of black and white.

Aside from being visually appealing, the Wraith Squonker is comfortable to hold. It fits the hand naturally because of its rounded edges and overall shape. It also has the brand’s signature rubberised finish, which gives it a smooth texture and a non-slip effect.

  • At the top of the mod, you have the spring-mounted 510 connector for the RDA.
  • There’s a slide-and-lock lid at the base, revealing two compartments for the squonk bottle and the battery.
  • Controls are found on the sloped part of the mod. This includes a big firing button, as well as a long, thin screen that shows information such as voltage, resistance, and wattage. Below the screen, you’ll find (+) and (–) buttons for adjusting the screen values or scrolling through menu items.

Wraith Squonker RDA

The RDA is small, minimalist, and subtle, and its style blends in well with the mod. Because it’s bottom-fed, with its base attached to the top of the mod, it’s only compatible with squonkers. It has a two-post deck meant for dual coils and a Delrin wide-bore drip tip with protection from spitback. For its size, the juice well runs deep. Airflow can also be controlled through the top cap, which rotates around the RDA’s eight external air holes.

Squonk Bottle

What’s convenient about squonking is that instead of dripping the e-liquid manually, you can fill up the atomiser with a single squeeze of the squonk bottle. In the Wraith Squonker setup, the squonk bottle fits inside the slide-and-lock compartment at the base of the tank. Once inside, part of it is exposed so you can squeeze.

The kit comes with two squonk bottles with caps. Thanks to the extra bottle, it’s possible to carry around two e-liquid flavours for fast switching or a second batch so you can vape the same flavour for a while. For differentiation, one bottle is tinted and dark, while the other is clear. Both bottles are a little rigid and made of plastic, with a thin needle tube that slots into the mod’s delivery system.


The Wraith Squonker works with only one 18650 battery, which is the standard that you’ll find for vaping. Like the squonk bottle, this fits inside the slide-and-lock compartment at the base of the mod. You’ll need a separate external charger for the battery because the mod doesn’t have a USB port.

Using the Wraith Squonker 80W Kit

Although the Wraith Squonker offers plenty of ways to customize your vaping experience, it’s intuitive and easy to use.

How to Get Started?

  1. Attach the RDA to the 510 connector at the top of the mod.
  2. Fill the squonk bottle with e-liquid, then make sure to close the lid firmly.
  3. Open the battery cover at the bottom of the mod and slot the battery and squonk bottle into the compartment.
  4. Close the battery cover. Click the fire button 5 times to turn on the mod and start vaping.
  5. Adjust your wattage through the (+) and (-) buttons.

What are the Basic Controls?

The user manual has a detailed description of the mod’s controls, but here’s a list of basic controls:

  • To turn the mod on or off, click the fire button 5 times.
  • To lock or unlock the mod, click the fire button 3 times.
  • To open the main menu once the mod is on, click the fire button 5 times. You can scroll through menu items with the (+) and (-) buttons.
  • There are three memory modes: M1, M2, and M3, which you can assign wattage or temperature values to based on your mode.
  • In wattage mode, click the (+) button to switch between assigned wattages.
  • In temperature control mode, click the (+) button to switch between assigned temperatures. You can also click the (-) button to change the maximum wattage, with 80W as the highest.

How Do I Adjust the Airflow?

Turn the top cap so the dot on it points to one of these barrel marks:

  • Infinity – This creates a wide open airflow for bigger clouds.
  • Four dots – The airflow is somewhat constricted, but vapour production will still be smooth and airy.
  • Two dots – This is the tightest airflow setting, so you’ll be getting stronger flavour for less vapour.

Which Batteries Fit Inside the Council of Vapor Wraith Mod?

You will need to buy or have one 18650 battery to fit inside the Wraith Squonker.

How Long Will the Wraith Squonker 80W Kit Last Before Recharging?

Like all electronic cigarette batteries, the number of hours between charging can vary depending on how much you use it and which setting is used. The Wraith takes a 18650 battery which means you can always carry a spare battery (provided you keep it safe in a battery case) for replacement when your charge runs out.

How Do I Charge the Battery in the Wraith?

  • Vapour Days UK recommend that you do not let 18650 batteries fully run out of charge before recharging to extend the longevity of the battery life.
  • There is a choice of two battery chargers available to buy on the following links. These enable you to charge the 18650 batteries.


As an RDA system, the Wraith Squonker Kit is efficient and user-friendly. Its performance is fantastic, producing strong flavour and lush clouds without spitback.

Regardless of how practiced you are with squonking, whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned regular, you’ll appreciate the Wraith Squonker Kit. Not only does it make the whole squonking experience seamless, you can also fine-tune your vape just the way you want it, from choosing your own coils to experimenting with different temperatures. With such high quality for an affordable price, it’s a steal.

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