Wraith Squonker 80W Kit – Review

Review of Wraith Squonker 80W Kit

The all-in-one Wraith Squonker Kit combines an 80W TC mod that can hold 5 mL of e-liquid with a bottom-fed RDA. It’s an excellent introduction to squonking, and even people who have never used squonkers before can have it up and running within minutes! As one of the rare squonk mods with temperature control, it excels at producing delicious, flavourful vapour. Continue reading Wraith Squonker 80W Kit – Review

New BDC Electronic Cigarette – Instructions for Use

Vapour Days electronic cigarettes starter kit instructions

Thank you for purchasing your Vapour Days electronic cigarette starter kit. The diagram above shows how to fill your atomiser with eliquid and how to charge the battery. It also shows how to change the coil head which is only required once the coil burns out. You will know when the coil burns out as it will give you less vapour. Each coil lasts approximately 2 weeks. Additional safety advice is also included below. Once you are ready to have a Vapour Day, click the button on the battery 5 times in quick succession to turn the battery on. To increase the amount of vapour you receive click the button 5 times in quick succession again. You can increase the level once more with another 5 quick clicks. To turn off your electronic cigarette, keep clicking up the voltage until eventually when you push the button it longer shows a light. This means the battery is switched off so you will not accidentally release any vapour when not in use.

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