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eLeaf iStick Mod – Review

This is one of the best mod batteries available on the market and is proving extremely popular due to its huge battery capacity (20 Watts) and its compact size.

What Are the Key Benefits of the eLeaf iStick Mod Battery?

  • Very large battery capacity reducing the length of time between charges.
  • Simple functionality for adjusting the voltage and wattage.
  • The LCD screen enables you to view the battery life, how long you have puffed for, which ohm coil you are using, as well as the wattage and voltage you are using.
  • This is a relatively discrete mod compared to others with a similar capacity.
  • An adapter means that it will suit a vast range of atomisers.

Who the eLeaf iStick Mod Battery Will Suit?

  • Vapers wanting the most recent battery release.
  • Vapers wanting to keep track of battery life and their e-cigarette usage.
  • Those who want a longer lasting battery.
  • Those who want a more advanced battery.

Further Details on the eLeaf iStick Mod Battery

How Long Will the Battery Last Before Recharging?

Like all electronic cigarette batteries, the number of hours between charging can vary depending on how much you use it, which ohm coil is used and which voltage it is set to. A heavy vaper can expect the battery to last 1.5 days, whereas a moderate vaper with a high ohm coil and a low voltage setting could expect the battery to last 3-5 days. The LCD screen includes an indicator showing how much charge is remaining on the battery. Whilst charging the iStick mod battery, you can continue to vape as it has a pass-through function.

General Charging Use

  • Charging the battery takes approximately 4-5 hours.
  • Vapour Days recommend that you only charge the battery when the full charge has been used to extend the longevity of the battery life.
  • Please ensure you only use a wall plug and charging cable specifically designed for the eLeaf iStick batteries and do not use your phone charger. You can buy a wall plug from Vapour Days below if you do not already have one. The USB charger comes with the iStick kits.

Which Atomiser Fits onto this eLeaf iStick Mod Battery?

All 510 thread atomisers for sale at Vapour Days or on the Vapour Days website will fit the eLeaf iStick mod. Vapour Days particularly recommend the Aspire Nautilus or Aspire Nautilus Mini atomisers for the best taste and vape.

What is the difference between the iStick 20 Watt and iStick 30 Watt Battery?

The iStick 30 Watt Battery enables you to use sub ohm atomisers, such as the Aspire Atlantis. This means you can receive even more vapour from the mod than a 20 Watt battery.

Aspire Atlantis EVO Tank

How Do I Use the eLeaf iStick Mod Battery?

To turn the battery on, click the button five times in quick succession. Click the button three times to switch between the wattage and voltage options. To change the voltage or wattage of the battery push the up or down arrows as desired. Click the button five times in quick succession to switch the battery off.

What Can I Protect My eLeaf iStick Battery With?

If you tend to misplace your electronic cigarette or are concerned about being clumsy and dropping it, the iStick leather lanyard is a great way to protect your iStick while keeping it to hand at all times.

Where Can I Buy the eLeaf iStick Mod Battery You can buy the eLeaf iStick Electronic Cigarette Battery in the Vapour Days Bristol UK store on the Middle Floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre. Alternatively, you can buy online for delivery to the UK or Europe by following the link below.

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