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Vapour Days Replaceable Tip ECig – Review

This product is suitable for anybody who finds the battery/atomiser/e-liquid bottles too complicated. It simply has a tip which screws onto a rechargeable battery. This provides you with vapour in a similar way to the battery/atomiser electronic cigarette kit, except it is simpler to use. There are still a number of e-liquid flavours to choose from Menthol, Tobacco (Red USA Mix), Gold Cigar and Mango.

What Are the Key Benefits of the Vapour Days Replaceable Tip Electronic Cigarette Kit?

  • All items required to start vaping are included in this electronic cigarette kit.
  • It visually looks like a cigarette.
  • It is simple to use as you simply screw the e-liquid tips onto the battery.
  • It is very small in size so can be stored away easily.

Who the Vapour Days Replaceable Tip Electronic Cigarette Kit Will Suit?

  • Vapers requiring a smaller than average kit.
  • Vapers who like the visual appearance of a cigarette rather than vaping device.
  • Those who want a high quality, EC compliant and tasty e-liquid flavour.
  • Those who want a cheap up-front cost to their e-cigarette device.
  • Those who do not like the idea of filling an electronic cigarette atomiser with liquid themselves.

How Long Will Each E-Liquid Tip Last Before Running Out?

One tip is the equivalent of 700 puffs, which is approximately 50 cigarettes. Each tip costs £2.50.

How Do I Use the Replaceable Tip Electronic Cigarette Kit?

Unlike other e-cigarettes, you simply screw the tip into the battery and suck on the end of the tip. No buttons are required to be pushed.

Where Can I Buy the Replaceable Tip Electronic Cigarette Kit

You can buy the Replaceable Tip Electronic Cigarette Kit in the Vapour Days Bristol UK store on the Middle Floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre. Alternatively, buy online for delivery to the UK by following the link below.

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