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MatTek Study – Vaping has No Toxic Effect on Lungs

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MatTek Study – Vaping has No Toxic Effect on Lungs

MatTek created human lung cells to determine any health risks associated with vaping an electronic cigarette. Their study fund that vapour and e cigarettes do not have any toxic effect on human lung cells. This research, funded by British American Tobacco, claims that inhaling nicotine in the form of vapour is as safe as breathing air.


Scientists used a robot to expose the lung cell replicas to tobacco smoke, e cigarette vapour and air. When exposed to traditional tobacco smoke for six hours all of the lung cells died. In contrast, when the lung cells were subjected to a continuous dose of e-liquid vapour the results found that the damage to the lung cells was “similar to that of air”.


The full news report about the findings of this study can be found on the following link: MatTek Vaping No Toxic Effect Study






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