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What Exactly Does ‘Sub Ohm’ Mean?

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What Exactly Does ‘Sub Ohm’ Mean?

In the world of vaping, the term ‘Sub Ohm’ comes up a lot. You will hear this question when you want to buy an e-liquid, where you will be asked “What device do you have? Is it sub ohm?”. You may be asked the question if you want to upgrade your kit, “would you like to go sub ohm?”. We explain what the term means below to help you get a basic understanding of what ‘sub ohm’ means.

Sub Ohm Means Larger Clouds

One of the main features of sub ohm is that it makes you more able to blow larger clouds. If you have ever walked down the street and seen a dragon-type cloud follow the vaper in front of you, then they were using a sub ohm kit. You can get different levels of sub ohm, but generally speaking they produce a larger amount of vape for each puff.

Sub Ohm Means Better Flavours

Sub ohm kits generally can produce a better tasting liquid as the coil is also designed for flavour chasers. As with any product on the market, you can get better qualities and lesser qualities, but generally speaking people on a sub ohm kit will appreciate the flavours in their e cigarette more than people on a mouth-to-lung device.

So Sub Ohm Is Better, Right?

The answer to this depends on your requirements. Some people have been vaping for many years with a good quality mouth-to-lung device. These devices have helped them stop smoking and they are more interested in this than in how much vape or flavour they receive. For a vaper content with their current set-up, then no sub ohm is not better but is in fact more expensive due to the amount of liquid you will vape through.

If you currently have a very basic starter e cigarette kit, then you may want an upgrade and you may wrongly assume that sub ohm will be just the kit for you. However this is also not necessarily the case. You can get very good quality kits to help you stop smoking. Have a read of the following link if you want help in getting a better kit than you currently have:

However, if you have been vaping for some time and have stopped smoking altogether, you want to experience stronger flavours and reduce your nicotine strength to create large clouds, then yes a sub ohm kit may be just for you.

How Do I Know if a Kit is Sub Ohm?

A sub ohm kit uses a coil that is 0.5 ohms or less. This enables the larger clouds to be produced. Please note you may need a different e juice to what you currently use. If you are not sure about which e liquid to use, have a read of this guide:

I Am Still Not Sure

If you would like further help in whether a sub ohm kit is right for you, feel free to visit the Bristol Vapour Days store on the Middle Floor of The Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol, BS1 3XD where our e liquid and e cigarette specialists will be happy to help you.

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