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What Do Electronic Cigarette Ohms Mean?

Ecigarette Ohms Explained

If you’ve been looking at electronic cigarette atomisers, cartomisers, vaporises or tanks, you will have likely seen the “ohms” rating or “resistance” listed alongside these products. Many of the atomisers are available sold in various ohm ratings. If you are new to electronic cigarettes and are unsure what the term “Ohms” means when you are looking to replace your atomizer coils, this article explains…

Simply, ohms is a measure of electrical resistance and can also be represented by the following symbol Ω.

When we’re talking about ohms and ecigarette parts it refers to what kind of heat the coil is creating to evaporate your eliquid.

The two things that determine how hot the coil element gets; the battery voltage and the ohm rating of the atomiser attached to the battery. Higher battery voltage and lower resistance both create more heat for evaporation. Heat produced by the ecigarette will affect the flavour, vapour production and your overall experience. Using ohms you can improve the vapour production and flavour to best matches your current electronic cigarette battery.

What Do the Different Ohms Mean

Low Resistance (LR) ohms range from 1-1.5 ohm and Standard ohms range from 2.2-2.8 ohm. The lower the ohms, the more heat will be created, providing you with more vapour, although it can also drain your battery quicker and dry hits are more likely. It also will require more replacement of e-liquid since more vapour is produced with each puff.

In contrast, the higher ohm coils effectively have the opposite effect. Less vapour is produced, it will drain your battery less, reduce your number of dry hits and requires less refilling of e-liquid.

Which Ohms Are Best For You
So which ohm rating atomiser coil should you be purchasing? This depends on what will suit you best for your electronic cigarette experience, and also depends on whether you prefer longer lasting products or a higher vape experience.

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