Electronic Cigarettes Bristol Shop – Franchise

Bristol Electronic Cigarettes - Vapour Days Shop
Electronic Cigarettes Bristol Shop – Franchise

Are you in business? Do you want to increase the profits of your business while benefiting the health and wealth of your customers and staff? You are in the right place!

There is now the opportunity for you to go into a franchise in the UK with Bristol Vapour Days electronic cigarette and e-liquid specialists. This will enable you to directly sell in your own shop to your customers and employees.

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What Do Electronic Cigarette Ohms Mean?

Ecigarette Ohms Explained

If you’ve been looking at electronic cigarette atomisers, cartomisers, vaporises or tanks, you will have likely seen the “ohms” rating or “resistance” listed alongside these products. Many of the atomisers are available sold in various ohm ratings. If you are new to electronic cigarettes and are unsure what the term “Ohms” means when you are looking to replace your atomizer coils, this article explains…

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Safe e cigarette battery charging bag

Safety electronic cigarette battery charger

The media have been highlighting the risk that electronic cigarette batteries can malfunction while charging. Whilst this is extremely unlikely to happen, any battery (not only electronic cigarette batteries) left on charge has a small chance of malfunctioning. Millions of electronic cigarettes are sold every day, and the incidence of batteries malfunctioning is very rare. You should purchase a charger manufactured specifically for electronic cigarettes from a reputable supplier – https://www.vapourdays.co.uk/product-category/chargers. However, Vapour Days have safety bags available for you to charge your battery in. They mean that, in the very unlikely event that your battery malfunctions, you will be protected. Put your mind at rest with one of these safety bags.

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