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Gifts – Electronic Cigarettes, E-Liquids and Accessories

Bristol Electronic Cigarettes - Vapour Days Shop

Gift Help

A current FAQ is ‘What can I buy someone very special to me for a gift?’ The answer depends on whether the person is an existing vaper or a smoker who you want to encourage to quit with the help of electronic cigarettes.

Existing Vaper

The best gift you can buy an existing vaper is a Vapour Days electronic cigarettes and e-liquids gift You can select the amount you want to give them and there is space for your own special message. The card fits easily into a purse or wallet and as much or as little of the value can be spent in their visit. Your vaper will not lose a penny of it even if they choose to spend the value in smaller increments over the course of several visits.

Smoker I Want to Help

We all know that changing bad things for the better in our lives can be a challenge. This is why many smokers will deter trying an electronic cigarette, because they are not convinced they will be able to succeed. We know that you want to give them an excuse to give it a good try.

And what better way to do that than to buy them an electronic cigarette starter kit? If you cannot come into the Bristol store for advice about which electronic cigarette would suit your loved one, why not choose our most recommended product to improve your smoker’s chances of quitting smoking for good.

If you do not know what eliquid to choose, we recommend that a 12mg eliquid would be best to use initially. If they want a tobacco flavour, Virginia Tobacco and Menthol are our best sellers. If on the other hand you want them to have a flavoured eliquid, we recommend a flavour that you know they would choose, such as coffee for a coffee addict. You could always buy them an extra ejuice or two to give them the opportunity to try several.

If you want more specific advice regarding your loved-one, we welcome you to come into our Bristol store on the Middle Floor in the Galleries Shopping Centre, 6 Union Gallery, BS1 3XD.

Secret-Santa / Stocking Filler Ideas

For those of you who need a meaningful but cheap gift for an existing vaper, we recommend you find out which e-liquid flavour they like and buy them eliquids for only £3.99 each (that’s the equivalent of 200 cigarettes).

Alternatively if these words are frequently heard from their mouth “Where are my keys? Where’s my phone? Where’s my e-cigarette gone!!”, then this type of person could use a lanyard at only £3.99 each. Ring lanyards fit between the battery and atomiser – whereas Pouch Lanyards enable the electronic cigarette to fit inside –

If you are buying for a colleague with a desk, then another great value gift idea is the sucker cup for only £2.99 –

Still Need Help?

If you want more specific advice to buy the best present ever, we welcome you to come into our Bristol UK store on the Middle Floor in the Galleries Shopping Centre, Middle Floor, 6 Union Gallery, BS1 3XD.

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