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The Best Electronic Cigarette Guide

The first thing you may want to know when purchasing your first electronic cigarette is… ‘Which is the Best Electronic Cigarette to Buy?’

Best Electronic Cigarette to Start
Your aim may be to give electronic cigarettes a try in order to see whether it is the route you wish to go down to quit your smoking habit. Here at Vapour Days we provide you with a high quality electronic cigarette starter kit to give you a great value start to your vaping life, whilst still giving you a positive chance of realising the benefits that electronic cigarettes can bring you. That is why the most popular selling Vapour Days electronic cigarette starter kits have a 1100mah battery. This means that the battery lasts a longer time before charging than the average starter kit sold elsewhere, and it allows you to choose your preferred vape amount by adjusting the output of the battery.

You may prefer an electronic cigarette which looks like a real cigarette or is simpler to use. The Vapour Days electronic cigarette with replaceable tip has been complemented by all of the customers who have purchased it. It is rechargeable, so comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger. The tips contain the e-liquid, and you simply screw the tip onto the rechargeable battery. Now you are ready to vape.

Best Electronic Cigarette – Small

You may want an e-cigarette which is the size of a real cigarette yet still can use the popular Vapour Days e-liquids like the large electronic cigarette. The Emili electronic cigarette kit, with its protective case much like an i-phone case, is a sought after kit. Since the batteries are so small in size individually their charge does not last very long. However, the Emili is unique because once the charge runs out on an Emili battery, you have a spare Emili battery to pull out of its case and use. While you use the charged Emili electronic cigarette, you can put the other battery on charge in the Emili case. Continue switching like this throughout the day and you’ll really see the value of the stylish Emili electronic cigarette.

Best Electronic Cigarette – Advanced
Once you have decided that you can achieve a healthier and cheaper lifestyle through vaping rather than smoking, you may want to move onto a glass atomiser. The Aspire BVC atomiser is a popular choice among people who have decided that electronic cigarettes are for them. Why? Because it is durable, the coils last far longer so it becomes more cost-effective over time, and it looks sophisticated. An additional benefit is that it will continue to fit onto your Vapour Days variable voltage battery. So for only £14.99 this is a great choice for those of you who decide to continue as a vaper. Other more advanced atomisers are also available and your choice will be based on preference in style and cost.

Best Electronic Cigarette – Expert
How can my vaping experience get any better than the above, you may ask! Many of our customers are choosing to improve the taste of their vapour even more by buying the best battery for them. The X6 eGo 1300 and Ego II Twist are popular choices. The higher the number after the battery, the longer the battery lasts and the stronger a hit you will receive from each vape.

Beyond these batteries, you can then advance even further to become an expert vaper with something called a mod kit. The eLeaf iStick mod kits provide excellent battery life for those of you who are too busy to find the time to charge your battery. You can choose the colour and style variation depending on preference.

If instead you would rather a mod kit which adds colour to your electronic cigarette, Vapour Days recommend the Kamry K101. This kit also has great battery life.

Your Perfect Electronic Cigarette
From reading the above, we hope you are clear on which electronic cigarette is best suited to you. If not, please contact us on the Contact Vapour Days page and we would be more than happy to answer your queries to help you succeed in quitting your smoking habit for life.

Help with e-Liquid
The next question you are likely to have is, which e-liquid do I choose? Please see our guide to choosing the best e-liquid to suit you.

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