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SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Review

SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Review

SMOK’s Cloud Beast King Tank is the newest Cloud Beast tank in SMOK’s collection, creating even larger amounts of vape.

What Are the Key Benefits of the TFV12 Cloud Beast King Atomizer?

  • Significantly enhances the flavour of the liquid in your atomiser.
  • Top filling atomiser for more convenience.
  • Creates a higher amount of vape for each puff, enabling you to produce beast sized clouds.
  • Gives your vapour a smoother sensation.
  • SMOK e-cigarettes are great quality.

Who the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Will Suit?

  • Vapers who want their electronic cigarette to have a far superior taste.
  • Those who want to give themselves a stronger chance of enjoying their e-liquid and electronic cigarette.
  • People requiring a more convenient top filling atomiser.
  • Vapers using sub ohm for large clouds.
  • Those wanting the biggest and best clouds, wanting to be the king of the vape world!

How Often Will the SMOK TFV12 Coils Need Replacing?

The coils inside the SMOK Cloud Beast King tank will eventually burn out, like all electronic cigarette coils. The frequency you will have to replace them depends on a variety of factors, and in particular how much you use your electronic cigarette and what settings you have it on.

Which Coils Go in the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast?

The following coils are designed for the Cloud Beast King and enable you to use different settings accordingly.

SMOK TFV8 Baby X4 Coils
SMOK TFV8 Baby X4 Coils

You also have the ability to make your own coils with the SMOK Cloud Beast King, where you will need cotton, wire, a tool kit and if you want to check the resistance of your coil, an ohm reader. 

Which ohm Coils Should I Buy?

The lower the ohms, the more heat will be created, providing you with more vapour, although it can also drain your battery quicker and dry hits are more likely. It also will require more replacement of e-liquid since more vapour is produced with each puff.

In contrast, the higher ohm coils effectively have the opposite effect. Less vapour is produced, it will drain your battery less, reduce your number of dry hits and requires less refilling of e-liquid.

Aspire NX100 Mod
Aspire NX100 Mod

Which Mods Are Suitable to use with the TFV12 King?

It is recommended to use a mod or battery capable of 100 watts or more. The following provide great combinations to vape with the TFV12.

Where Can I Buy the SMOK Cloud Beast TFV12 Tank From?

You can buy the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast tank in the Vapour Days Bristol UK store on the Middle Floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol, BS1 3XD.

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