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Review of Electronic Cigarette Lanyards

Pouch Lanyard For 510 Thread Electronic Cigarettes Protect Vapour Shop Bristol

What Are the Key Benefits of an Electronic Cigarette Pouch or Ring Lanyard?

  • An electronic cigarette lanyard is designed to help protect your electronic cigarette from being dropped or broken.
  • Electronic cigarette lanyards help prevent you from losing your electronic cigarette.
  • Electronic cigarette lanyards give you quick access to your vaporiser to enable you to discretely use it while at work or home.

Who Electronic Cigarette Lanyards Will Suit?

  • Vapers who want protection for their electronic cigarette.
  • Vapers who do not want to lose their electronic cigarette.
  • Vapers who want easy access to their vaporiser at work or home.

Which Electronic Cigarette Vaporisers Fit the Pouch Lanyards?

Pouch lanyards will fit all batteries of the same or smaller size than the eGo II Twist Battery, which is 18mm in diameter. The eGo II Twist Batteries are on the following link. Any Vapour Days 1100mAH batteries will fit inside the pouch lanyard, as well as a 650mAH battery.

Which Electronic Cigarette Vaporisers Fit the Ring Lanyards?

Ring lanyards will fit all eGo and Vapour Days 510 thread batteries. Ring lanyards are attached in between the battery and atomiser to secure your electronic cigarette.

Which Case Will Fit My iStick Mod Battery?

The iStick Leather Case is designed specifically for iSticks.

Where Can I Buy Lanyards From?

You can buy any of the above pouch, ring or iStick lanyards in the Vapour Days Bristol UK store on the Middle Floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre. Alternatively, you can buy online by following the links above.

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