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Electronic Cigarettes – Health Research

Health Research Evidence
If you saw the recent Trust Me I’m a Doctor documentary on the BBC, you will have heard the following positive findings about electronic cigarettes and the health benefits associated with them compared to tobacco products.

If you missed the BBC documentary, key evidence from a medical point of view were quoted:

Smoking and Vaping
“Smoking and vaping are very different. Smoking burns tobacco to release a large dose of addictive nicotine very quickly. But nicotine is not the major problem, alongside it comes a cocktail of around 4,000 toxic chemicals, increasing the risk of cancer, heart disease and other serious illnesses.” Trust Me I’m a Doctor conducted a test on tobacco-cigarette smokers and vapers of e-liquid to compare the two. Samples of saliva, urine and breath were taken. The results found that vapers get a similar dose of nicotine to smokers. Vapers had SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER LEVELS, similar to those found in non-smokers, of Carbon monoxide associated with heart disease and acrolein associated with cancer and lung problems. Regarding passive vaping, no evidence was found that vaping was affecting nearby people.

Professor Findings
Peter Hajek, Professor of the Tobacco-Dependents Research Unit at Queen Mary University of London researches e-cigarettes in detail. “If there is a danger, it is likely to be a small fraction of a danger compared to smoking.” He compares nicotine-use as being in the same category as coffee. He continues that “I think e-cigarettes could be a revolutionary change. I think they have the potential to basically eradicate smoking related disease and death on the population scale.”

The research debate finishes with “Considering cigarettes kill half the people using them, if I was a cigarette smoker, I’d certainly give e-cigarettes a go.”

Watch the Documentary
We know that all of you Vapour Days vapers out there already feel passionate and confident that their transition from tobacco cigarettes to vaping has far improved your health and finances, but this BBC documentary provides research evidence for you to provide to your friends and family.

You can watch the BBC documentary on electronic cigarettes on the following link:

Other Research Findings
MHRA, the UK’s medicines regulatory body believes that e-cigarettes could help save 57,000 lives in the UK over the next decade. See the full article on the following link:

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