10mg-12mg Nicotine Strength E-Liquids

10mg and 12 mg e-liquids possess nicotine at medium strength. Smokers find this extremely familiar because the average cigarette contains 12 mg, so transitioning is much easier. We recommend these for new vapers who’re used to smoking up to one pack or more than 20 cigarettes every day.

At this level of nicotine, the throat hit is rich and strong. Each inhalation is delightfully potent, making for a heightened vaping experience that’ll have you savouring each draw.

12 mg E-Liquids for a Powerful Vape

Out of all the vaping products in the market, e-liquids boast the great variety, and vapers have to consider flavour, nicotine strength, and device type. Factoring in all of these, we’ve taken care to select the best e-liquids that deliver great taste and come from trusted manufacturers.

With nicotine at medium strength, our 12 mg e-liquids pair distinctive flavours such as apple, caramel, and cherry menthol with a strong, robust throat hit. Vape like never before and bliss out to our mouthwatering 12 mg e-liquids.

10mg Salt E-Liquids For a Strong Yet Smooth Hit

Salt nicotine has smashed the vape scene because they offer a smoother vape experience for a higher quantity of nicotine, similar to the first morning cigarette.

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Showing 1–12 of 163 results