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Benefits of Nicotine

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The Positive Effects of Nicotine research paper by Jacques le Houezec

Nicotine regulates mood and improves cognitive functioning, which is probably the main reason for its widespread use. The most effective way of delivering nicotine to the brain is by smoking tobacco, or now with e-cigarette vapour.

Nicotine has been shown to have positive effects on some medical conditions. For example patients with Alzheimer’s disease may benefit from nicotine therapy and early research demonstrated possible positive effects on people suffering from Parkinson's disease. Animal studies have also suggested that the use of nicotine could be beneficial for patients with Tourette’s. It has also been found that depressed and schizophrenic patients have been found to use nicotine as a coping mechanism.

All these positive aspects of nicotine use have been reviewed 15 years ago. Renewed interest in nicotine science, linked with the recent development of e-cigarettes, might inspire new investigations into the positive effects of nicotine including its potential role in disease prevention and treatment.

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