60% VG : 40% PG E-Liquids

…Brilliantly Blended

Because the recipe is slightly skewed towards VG rather than PG, a 60/40 vg/pg e-Liquid produces larger vapour clouds and a subtler throat hit, although this ratio is still considered standard and widely applicable for beginner vapers.

Because VG is sweeter than PG, you’ll feel the flavour more, all while blowing larger stacks of vapour. This concentration of e-Liquid is recommended for vapers who use clearomisers or who aren’t sub-ohming, instead of running a coil above 1 ohm.

60/40 E-Liquids Made with Quality and Precision

We understand that a high-quality e-liquid can make all the difference when it comes to vaping. For those want impressive clouds while maintaining vivid flavour, our 60/40 vg/pg e-liquids will do the trick. We offer them in an assortment of sizes and flavours from fruity to tobacco-inspired.

Because we’re always scouring the market for what’s hot and we love trying delicious e-liquids ourselves, you can be sure that you’re getting the best from our team of vaping enthusiasts.

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Showing 1–12 of 60 results