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OBS Cube FP Box Mod – Fingerprint Secured Vaping

Silver Black OBS Cube FP 80W Box Mod

Fingerprinting Security

Does the following sound familiar? You are happily walking along when you would hear a hissing and smell a burnt coil. You realise your mod has been powering your device in your bag. Well, OBS has created a unique fingerprint feature so that your mod will not be fired unless you choose. It assists those with young children who sometimes, despite best efforts, seem to find your e cigarette in their hands.

The newest OBS mod has turned these vaping frustrations into a perfectly secured device with its easy fingerprinting feature. To access the mod settings your fingerprint will be used, which adds peace of mind if children gain access to your equipment. It also is great for preventing accidental activation in your bag.

There is also a setting to enable you to change user fingerprints if you wish to sell your mod to someone else. The screen confirms whether your fingerprint has been accepted, with an easy to understand green or red light system.

Other Benefits of the OBS FP Mod

The fingerprint security is not the only benefit of this OBS mod. It also uses an external 18650 removable battery, which means that as the battery loses chargeability, you can simply replace the battery inside cheaply rather than buying a whole new vape. You can also carry around spare external batteries in a safety box if you will be unable to recharge for any reason. This mod, although it uses an external battery, does enable quick charging through the mod. The charging time is only 1.5 hours so you will be able to continue vaping faster than ever before.

Which Tank Is Best Recommended?

This is a very versatile mod, being compatible with both mouth-to-lung and sub ohm tanks providing they have a standard 510 thread. All tanks at Vapour Days UK are 510 thread, so any tank bought here will suit this device. A stylish choice to vape higher VG liquids for flavour and clouds is the Freemax Fireluke Tank. If you are choosing the OBS FP mod for lower wattage tanks, we recommended the Aspire K3 or Nautilus 2S due to their quality of coils. It would even RDA’s due to the high wattage available.

Is This Mod Suitable For Everyone?

This is a regulated box mod and so has many safety features to give you peace of mind, including overcharge protection and over current protection. It is also suitable for us with all coil material types. It allows up to 80 watts which will cater for the majority of vapers.

Further Help

For further help, or just to see the mod without commitment, you can visit our Bristol shop on the Middle Floor of The Galleries Shopping Centre. You can also buy it online for delivery straight to your door.

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