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How To Successfully Switch From Smoking to Vaping

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If you’re looking to quit smoking, vaping is one of the most effective and safest ways. Despite the presence of nicotine (itself not the harmful substance in tobacco), Public Health England even reported that it’s up to 95% healthier, without the carcinogens and toxins produced by traditional smoking. In fact, e-cigarettes are twice as effective as nicotine patches or gum at getting smokers to stop. Aside from the health benefits, vaping is also cheaper than smoking and gives you more options to customize.

But despite how promising vaping is for smokers, switching can still be difficult. Although there are similarities, vaping doesn’t feel quite the same as smoking so there is certainly an adjustment period.

Here’s how you can maximize your chances of successfully transitioning.

Set Expectations

Many smokers don’t try vaping because it can seem quite daunting compared to smoking, with a lot of confusing terminology and a dizzying selection of devices, e-liquids and accessories (not to mention the whole subculture that goes with it). Vaping is also inherently more technical than just lighting a cigarette, especially if you decide to jump in with a box mod or something similar. Of course, an e-cigarette is much simpler, it works with the push of a button.

Although the choice in terms of e-liquids, equipment and device settings are one of vaping’s big selling points they can also be a turn off for the uninitiated. This is one of the appeals of vaping starter kits, which are designed for the uninitiated.

Use Quality Equipment

There are so many devices out there that it’s a must for you to do some research or ask around to figure out what’s beginner-friendly. Whatever you choose, don’t skimp on the budget. An excessively cheap device will give you a vape of terrible quality. Although it’s intuitive for smokers to choose cigalikes, which resemble cigarettes in appearance, we don’t recommend them ourselves. Cigalikes are very low-powered and inefficient at delivering nicotine, and they may also leave you running short. Finding the right device can be a matter of trial and error, but as a beginner, it’s best to go with a basic mod or a starter kit, then upgrade to something more complicated later on.

Explore E-Liquid Flavours

Cigarettes have one basic flavour: tobacco. One of the biggest appeals of vaping is that it opens up a whole new dimension of flavours for you to explore. Research shows that e-liquid flavour is actually a huge reason why smokers get curious about vaping and stick with it.

With so many e-liquid flavours to choose from, it’s natural to be uncertain where to start. You might want a tobacco flavour for a gentler transition. An alternative approach is to go for sweet or fruity flavours, which can help wean you off the taste of tobacco.

Choose the Right Nicotine Strength

It’s very important for smokers to vape with the right nicotine strength. The more you smoke, the higher the nicotine level your body has adapted to. A nicotine level that’s too low will have you craving for your cigarettes back, while one that’s too high is harsh and unpleasant. E-liquids range from having zero nicotine to 24+ mg per mL. Smokers generally start with 12-18 mg/mL at a minimum, you can always go higher if this is still too mild.

Understandably, your nicotine level will be at its peak when you’ve only just quit smoking. On another note, your device must be able to handle your desired nicotine level. Tanks with higher resistance are best for high levels.

Anticipate a Tobacco Detox

Because tobacco is addictive, you’ll inevitably experience cravings. The first few days will hit the hardest. Some advocate for dual use, where you continue smoking a little less each day until your preference naturally switches to vaping. The rationale behind this is that quitting all at once would be too abrupt and might make you stop trying right away. On the other hand, other people prefer to stop altogether, steering clear from cigarettes completely.

Connect with Communities

Studies show that whether people vape or smoke is significantly affected by their social environment. Luckily, there’s a welcoming vaping community that can provide you with extra support. Online, there are tons of vape sites, social media accounts, forums, tutorials, and other resources that you can access from anywhere.

In the UK alone, there are more than three million vapers, so you won’t have trouble finding meetups or meeting new people who understand what you’re going through! You can also turn to support groups for quitting smoking and consult one-on-one with NHS advisers.

Be Alert for Side Effects

Traditional cigarettes can cover up coughing sensations because they contain anaesthetics. You won’t find these in e-cigarettes, so your throat might have to get used to the harshness at first. In addition, e-liquids are made up of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Both of these take water from your mouth and transfer this to the vapour that you exhale. Drink lots of water to avoid dryness and dehydration. Finally, a few people may be allergic to VG or even PG, experiencing side effects like sore skin or rashes. If this happens to you, stop right away and get medical assistance.

Reach Out to Your Vape Store


Don’t go it alone! Visit a reputable vape store, where staff can answer your questions, guide you through which equipment to use, and give you tips for handling and maintenance. These are often vaping enthusiasts who’ve built up a lot of knowledge, so you’re in good hands. If you can’t drop by a physical store, call the customer hotline instead. Talking directly to an actual vaper is extremely helpful.

There’s plenty of information online, but it can get confusing, and staff at a vaping store can address your concerns directly. At Vapour Days, we’re always happy to offer you one on one advice about vaping, so feel free to drop by our Bristol store or give us a call if you have any questions.

Like any habit, switching from smoking to vaping will take time and effort. The temptation to give up will be strong, especially at first. If you slip a few times, keep going and don’t be discouraged. When you persist with it, the habit will eventually stick, and part of the fun is experimenting with your vaping experience to make it as appealing as possible. Many smokers have successfully quit through vaping, and the payoffs are huge, both for your health and your wallet.

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