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Your Electronic Cigarette Success Stories

Vapour Days Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquids Bristol Store

What are Your Vaping Stories?

The Vapour Days electronic cigarettes team frequently hear about the great success stories that using e cigs have brought to yours and your loved-ones lives. Post your stories, views and experiences as comments to this post to share your success with new e cigarette users or those considering trying ecigarettes.

Vapour Days Own Story

The owner of Vapour Days e cigarettes has his own personal story of electronic cigarettes that he, or his wife, has shared with many of you. To start your stories off, he wrote the following poem about his electronic cigarette experience.


E cigarettes have changed my life.

My smoking days are out of site.

Encouragement came from my wife.

But an ecig passion did ignite.


I no longer have a smoker’s chest.

I know my life has turned out for the best.

I succeeded in my quitting quest.

And my smokeless home has become my nest.


One final thought for the smokers of today, how many years will you lose til you call it a day?

Try electronic cigs with Vapour Days; and soon you will be on path to a healthier way.

3 thoughts on “Your Electronic Cigarette Success Stories

  1. I think I was one of Vapour Days first customers. I think the customer service is exceptional and I recommend electronic cigarettes as the way to quit smoking. I managed to quit smoking for good almost straight away but did have to start on an 18ml oil to hit my throat enough. I’m now on a 12 and plan to come down to a 6 soon, but I will probably mix them first to go somewhere in the middle! I have probably tried most of the Vapour Days oils and my favourite is still Blueberry. I also liked Banana (actually tastes like banana’s), Cherry, Skittles, Strawberry and Watermelon. My first kit was the £29.99 kit, which I was really impressed with. I did break the first atomiser I had I’m not sure how on a night out, so upgraded the atomiser to a Aspire BVC upgrade as it looked sturdier. It’s great, and then I more recently upgraded to the ego ii twist battery because I liked the look of it, and it’s really brilliant. I know 100% I would never go back to smoking now. I am very pleased with my health now and the progress I’ve made.

  2. You will know me…but I did smoke a few sneaky cigarettes right up to the 22nd December. Then I tried the Rubarb and Custard flavour…success..cigarettes no more…
    The Rubarb and Custard vapour did the job.. feeling better for it…
    The Ice Mint woow, now that’s a nose clearer.

    Thanks now it will vapour from 12 to 0 nicotine in the next 6 months

  3. As no comments have yet been left regarding your Vapour Days electronic cigarette experiences, the news article below was found in the Independent.

    This is a touching story of a smoker who quit smoking when he found out he had cancer. He also refers to the view that e-cigarettes are a pathway for people taking up smoking as nonsense. He views e-cigarettes purely as a method to help people quit smoking, without having to get to the point of cancer like he did.

    The Vapour Days Bristol electronic cigarette store have set up a number of people on e-cigarettes who have different medical conditions and recommended by their medics to give up smoking. Many of you also deserve congratulations as you have given up smoking using e-cigarettes without reaching the point of serious ill-health before seeking help to quit smoking. Vapour Days congratulate all of you for your success in quitting smoking using e-cigarettes.

    If you require any support or advice on quitting smoking using e-cigs, please also post your questions in a comment below and Vapour Days will be happy to help you succeed. You can also visit the Vapour Days Bristol electronic cigarette shop on the ground floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre, follow the signs for the lifts on the ground floor and the Vapour Days shop is just past the lifts towards the exit of the Galleries onto Broadmead.

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