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CE4 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Instructions

Vapour Days CE4 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.

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Thank you for purchasing your CE4 electronic cigarette starter kit. This is a great quality item and the following instructions will assist you in getting the most out of it.

Filling Your CE4

• Take out your e-liquid bottle, unscrew the top ready to fill your CE4 atomiser with e-juice. Remove the mouthpiece of the atomiser by unscrewing anti-clockwise.

• Tilt the CE4 atomiser at a slight angle and squeeze your e-liquid bottle so that the liquid drips along the inside wall until it is between 0.8ml and 1.6ml full.

• Replace the mouthpiece and screw in a clockwise direction.

How to use Your CE4

• Screw the filled CE4 atomiser onto the battery, ensuring not to over-tighten.

• Hold your finger on the button (located on the battery) whilst inhaling the vapour.

• Release the button when you remove the CE4 from your lips.

Charging the Battery

• Please ensure you clean the connection pad of the battery and the charger connector with tissue paper or similar before charging.

• To charge the battery use a standard USB wall plug or charger. Standard charge times are around 4 hours.

• Screw the battery clockwise into the USB charger until the light on the charger changes from green to red. The light on the charger will turn to green when the battery is fully charged.

• Do not over-tighten the battery onto the charger as this could damage the battery. Turn the battery onto the charger slowly until the light changes from green to red.

• Ensure the light on the USB charger is green while the battery is charging.

• Please only charge the battery with the Vapour Days charger provided with the kit.


• Clean the screw threads of the different parts such as the CE4 atomiser, charger and power supply with a tissue dipped in purified un-perfumed alcohol (please refer to your local pharmacist). Clean screw threads will provide a better electronic vaping experience.

• Blow into the CE4 atomiser occasionally to remove any left over e-liquid.

• When vapour reduces significantly the battery needs to be recharged.

• When the battery is charged but the vapour is still significantly reduced, it indicates that the CE4 atomiser coil needs replacement.

• If e-liquid gets trapped in the air-holes you may hear a bubbling sound as you vape. Place a paper towel around the bottom of the CE4 atomiser where the airflow holes are located. Blow hard into the mouthpiece several times. This will ensure the e-liquid is forced out onto the paper towel.

Safety Advice

• Do not let the CE4 run completely dry before re-filling with e-juice.

• Pressing the button too often whilst not inhaling could damage the CE4.

• Do not use the CE4 at a vertical position since e-liquid could leak out.

• Hold the button on for no longer than 5 seconds to prevent the atomiser being overheated.

• If the atomiser shows signs of overheating, stop the usage and leave it for about 10 seconds before vaping again.

To See the Vapour Days CE4 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit page, click this link.

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