Aspire Vape Kits

Aspire has one of the best brand reputations for e-cigarette hardware, offering reliability and quality for your vaping needs. Creating high-quality products since 2013, it’s already a leading manufacturer and innovator in the industry. They made a splash with their Nautilus tanks right from the start, which are easy to use and portable. Since then they’ve offered a wide variety of all-in-one kits, pod systems and advanced vape devices to make your vaping journey smooth and enjoyable.

There are different categories of Aspire vaping kits to suit personal preferences. Mouth to lung (MTL) kits are to replicate the feel of smoking traditional cigarettes, allowing higher nicotine contents to increase your chance of success. One of the best vapors for someone who smoked upto 20 cigarettes per day, choosing this style of vaping, is the Aspire K3 kit. Its Nautilus coils are simply unbeatable. The K3 tank works best with lower VG e liquids, including Vapour Days 10ml bottles and Cherub 10ml bottles. Both of these brands of juice allow higher nicotine strengths and work well with the Aspire Nautilus coils.

In contrast to MTL vapes, there is another vaping community called sub ohm, or direct-to-lung (DTL). These kits allow larger volumes of vapour production, and boost flavours. A great sub ohm option from Aspire is the Cloudflask pod system which is on sale. These sub vaping kits are best suited for higher VG e liquids. At Vapour Days UK we specialise in offering a huge range of delicious and popular juices suitable for these kits. Please see our short fills catalogue here, where you can choose VG %’s of 70% or higher.

If you’re not sure which type of e cig kit to go for, then you can get the best of both worlds with a newer style called restricted direct to lung (RDL). The coils in these vapes allow higher VG bottles to be vaped but your juice will last longer than with a full sub ohm kit. These kits are compatible with most e liquids, though we particularly recommend Vapour Days for smaller 10ml bottles, or 70% VG for bigger shortfills. These will work most effectively with RDL coil types. The BP60 pod system is a powerful RDL kit by Aspire.

You may already be confident with the style of vaping you want to invest in, and you can buy securely online for UK delivery on the links below.  If you’re still not sure, you may want to visit us in our Bristol shop. Our team will be happy to help you work out what all the options mean and which style and kit is the right one for you.

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Showing all 7 results