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Griffin Geek Vape RTA Tank – Review

REVIEW OF Griffin Geek Vape RTA Tank

The Griffin Geek Vape RTA Tank is reviewed for those of you wanting a rebuildable tank atomizer to vape at very high watts and blow enormous clouds of vape.

What Are the Key Benefits of the Griffin Geek Vape RTA Tank?

  • Top fill tank to enable easy refilling of e-juice.
  • Uses high VG and dripper e-liquids for a better flavour and smoother vape.
  • Requires you to make your own coils which saves money on coils over time.
  • Building your own coils enables you to be in control of how much cloud you produce.
  • Adjustable e-liquid intake to control how much vapour you produce.

Who the Griffin Geek Vape RTA Will Suit?

  • Advanced vapers wanting to make their own coils.
  • Vapers wanting to be in control of how much vapour they produce.
  • Those wanting to get a dripper effect, without having to keep dripping your liquid.

How do I build my own Coils for the Griffin Geek Vape RTA Tank?

The Griffin Geek Vape RTA tank requires you to build your own coils. The following items all come in handy for achieving this. If you need help with building your own coils, you are welcome to ask for help in the Vapour Days store.

Pack Japanese Organic Cotton
Pack Japanese Organic Cotton

Which Mod Battery is Best Suited to the Griffin Geek Vape RTA?

The best-suited mod batteries for the Griffin are those capable of a higher wattage, with two 18650 batteries or more. Examples include:

Joytech Cuboid Mod
Joytech Cuboid Mod


Where Can I Buy the Griffin Geek Vape RTA Tank?

You can buy the Griffin Geek Vape RTA in the Vapour Days Bristol UK store on the Middle Floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre.

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