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Nitecore Intelli i2 Battery Charger – Review

The Nitecore Intelli i2 Battery Charger is reviewed below for those of you requiring a charger to charge your mod batteries.

What Are the Benefits of the Nitecore Intelli i2 Battery Charger?

  • The Nitecore Battery Charger is made of fire retardant material.
  • The Nitecore Battery Charger also has intelligent circuits.
  • There is an automatic switch off function when the batteries are charged.

How Long Will the Batteries Last Before Recharging?

Like all electronic cigarette batteries, the number of hours between charging can vary depending on how much you use it, which settings you use and which batteries you put in your mod. For example, an Efest battery has a longer life with 3,000mah compared to an AW battery with 2,000mah.

Which Batteries Can Be Charged in the Nitecore Intelli i2 Battery Charger?

Any 18650, 18350, 17670, 14500 or 17500 mod batteries are compatible with the Nitecore Intelli i2 Battery Charger.

How Many Batteries Fit Inside the Nitecore Intelli i2 Battery Charger At Once?

The Nitecore Intelli i2 Battery Charger can charge two 18650, 18350, 17670, 14500 or 17500 batteries at once.

Which Alternative Charger Can Be Used Instead of the Nitecore Intelli i2 Battery Charger?

An alternative charger to the Nitecore Intelli i2 Battery Charger is the UltraFire Battery Charger.

Where Can I Buy the Nitecore Intelli i2 Battery Charger From?

You can buy the Nitecore Intelli i2 Battery Charger in the Vapour Days Bristol UK store on the Middle Floor of the Galleries Shopping Centre. Alternatively, you can buy online in the UK by following the link below.

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