Vaptio are a high quality starter e cigarette device for stopping smoking and it also has the option for sub ohm vaping with 0.7ohm coils. When transitioning to vaping, some people are not sure which type of vape device will suit them. The Tyro kit offers you both types of vaping available to see which suits you best. It is better suited for those who smoke lower volumes of cigarettes.

These kits come with everything except a wall plug (available separately) and e liquids.

If you plan to use the 0.7ohm coils for direct to lung vaping (bigger clouds and best flavour production), e liquids with a VG : PG of 70% or above will be suitable.

On the other hand, if you intend to quit smoking with a Vaptio kit, the 1.6ohm coils are best. These coils are best suited to Vapour Days or Cherub e liquids (60% VG or less).

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