SMOK Vape Kits

SMOK is a globally recognised e-cigarette manufacturer that has contributed much to the vaping industry. More than 80 million vapers have used their products worldwide. Launched in 2010, they were the first to use dual coils and incorporate Bluetooth technology into e-cigarettes, and they also invented vape kits that popularised direct-to-lung cloud-chasing. The vape kits in this page are state-of-the-art, convenient, and high-performing—all hallmarks of a SMOK product.

The SMOK brand is a little bit like the iPhone brand of mobile phones. You tend to be drawn to the next kit for advancements in the specifications so their vape kits tend to come in and out of fashion relatively quickly. There are 3 different styles of vaping devices offered by SMOK: mouth to lung (MTL), sub ohm / direct to lung (DTL) and restricted direct to lung (RDL).

The first style, MTL, is for those who want to replace smoking traditional cigarettes with vaping. You may need higher nicotine strengths to satisfy your nicotine cravings, or you may like that it replicates the mechanics of smoking a cigarette. The SMOK Nord 19 vape kit is a bargain price, which is an MTL kit when using the non-mesh 1.4ohm regular coils, to get you started on your vaping journey. The best e liquids compatible with this electronic cigarette include the Cherub brand of 10ml flavours, as well as Vapour Days UK 10ml e liquids.

In contrast to MTL is the DTL style of vape kits. These devices allow large clouds and amazing flavours to be enjoyed. They are compatible with higher VG e liquids (70% or more), which are typically zero to low nicotine short fill bottles. Vapour Days UK offer a huge range of quality short fill brands to help everyone find a flavour to suit them most. SMOK offer a number of sub ohm kits, with the R-Kiss being one which has stood the test of time. This is due to its high quality and top specifications.

If you want a kit that offers the best of both worlds, which can use both MTL and DTL e liquids, then the newer style of vaping called RDL is best for you. The SMOK Mag Pod kit is one of these RDL’s with a stylish design and 40 watts of power. The best juices for these kits is the Vapour Days UK 10ml e liquids for higher nicotine strengths, or our huge range of short fill e liquids for flavour chasing. Just make sure that the VG % is 70 or less.

You may feel there are simply too many choices of e cigarettes available and want some one-to-one advice on which kit will suit you. If that’s the case, you are welcome to visit our dedicated vape shop in Bristol’s City Centre. We are in The Galleries Shopping Mall, on the Middle Floor, just beneath Argos. We look forward to helping you start or improve your vaping journey.

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