Sigelei Vape Kits

Sigelei is a world-class and leading vaping manufacturer with a reputation for creating quality products featuring the latest technology. Sigelei has become a go-to brand for vapers all over, and their products are available in the UK, US, Russia, and other international countries.

The eTiny vape kit is for replacing smoking, enabling higher nicotine strengths of e liquid to suit your needs. It suits lower VG e liquids, so 60% or 50% juices, including the Vapour Days, Cherub or Vampire Vape range of liquids.

In contrast, the Sobra vape kit is known as a direct to lung / sub ohm vaping kit. This means it produces bigger clouds and your e liquid flavours are boosted. This kit requires higher VG % e liquids, as well as lower nicotine strengths. Short fill e liquids are typically suitable for these kits, providing the VG % is 70% or above.

If you want help with choosing or setting up your Sigelei kit, you are welcome in our Bristol store on the Middle Floor of The Galleries Shopping Centre. Here, we can help find the best kit for you as well as recommend ideally suited liquids that will help your vaping journey be successful as well as enjoyable.

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