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If we’re talking about tube mods or VV/VW mods, the Vamo Series is among the best in the market. Tube mods are high-powered versions of vape pens, and the Vamo lineup makes a masterpiece out of these. Trusted by vapers all over the world, Vamo mods are sleek and easy to hold, with long-lasting batteries, excellent manufacturing quality, and smooth voltage adjustment to get that flavour just right.

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  • Vamo V5 Vape Mod

    Vamo V5 Variable Voltage Mod

    £24.99 Incl. VAT
    • Fits most 510 and ego atomisers
    • Uses 18650 battery
    • PCB with 4 amp output limit
    • User selectable voltage or wattage control
    • Voltage control range from 3.0V to 6.0V with 0.1 volt increments
    • Wattage control range from 3.0 watts to 15.0 watts with 0.5-watt increments
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