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Paypal Payment Option Deactivated

Paypal no longer allowed for vape shops

Hello to our loyal vape customers, this is a brief update about stopping the use of Paypal as a payment option in our checkout.

Paypal No Longer Accepted Form of Payment

We write this post as new Terms and Conditions brought in by Paypal mean they no longer accept transactions with the sale of electronic cigarettes, e liquids, vape products, juices or CBD. This affects all online vape retailers. We know this will be a disappointment to those of you who have valued using Paypal to buy your products from Vapour Days since we launched in 2012.

Which Products Can I No Longer Buy?

Temporarily this also means we’ve had to suspend the sale of our CBD brands online, although you can still browse through the catalogue online. You can continue buying all vapes and CBD in our Bristol shop as usual. We are working on getting another payment gateway which will accept the sale of CBD online again. In the meantime, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Which Products Can I Still Buy?

Besides CBD noted above, all other vape products and e juices can continue to be bought through our website as normal using most major card types. If you’re used to using Paypal or Mastercard, we are working towards finding an alternative secure provider. With the Christmas holiday season here, it may be in the New Year that this new option will be available for you to use.

How Else Can I Buy?

You can continue using Worldpay to securely pay for all available products online, using most major visa cards. It has been announced that Bristol will enter Tier 3 for COVID-19 on 26 December 2020. Vape shops can continue to trade in Tier 3. That means if you prefer using Mastercard for your payments you can visit our Bristol city centre shop on The Middle Floor of The Galleries Shopping Centre. You can also buy CBD products in our store. Please note our Christmas hours as we are closed from 3pm on Christmas Eve and reopen on Tuesday 29 December 2020.

Summary of Paypal Situation

Since Paypal has revised its terms and vape shops can no longer use their services, we are temporarily unable to accept online payments for CBD or Mastercards. This is being worked on as we speak and we hope to enable both of these payment types again soon. We will post an update with further details once the new secure payment gateway is available. We thank you for your continued loyalty through this time. Merry Christmas to you and thank you for your patience and understanding.

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